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Online Mapping

MapGuide Open Source and
Autodesk Infrastructure Map Server

Since 1997, Arrow Geomatics Inc has been working with Autodesk MapGuide to provide online mapping.  From Facilities Mapping online with Autodesk Whip (dwf) to most recently MapGuide-Cesium integration with 3D mapping of real-time data , we offer many services to meet your needs.  Using technologies such as OpenLayers and Leaflet, as well as mapguide-rest, integration with all GIS systems including ArcGIS online and Google Maps  our repertoire is extensive.
Online Video Viewer - Youtube tied to MapGuide
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SQL Server and Oracle Spatial

Gordon Luckett has been teaching Oracle Spatial Courses since 2000 and continues to offer Oracle spatial courses through Protech Training .

SQL Server Spatial was first released in Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and continues to add mapping functionality to SQL Server.  

Both databases are extensively used by most of Arrow Geomatics Inc's customers and will continue to be a big part of the services we offer.

Geographic Information Systems

AutoCAD Map 3D
ArcGIS Portal

The first release of AutoCAD Map 3D, in 1996 - Map release 1, with the ADE extension allowed AutoCAD objects to be connected to Microsoft Access - which was one of Arrow's fisrt projects. 

Now with full connectivity to Oracle, SQL Server, POSTGIS, and ArcSDE, AutoCAD Map 3D is a full-blown GIS in it's own right.  Drag and drop Shapefiles and SDFs into the CAD environment to make a thematic map is one of the amazing features in AutoCAD Map 3D today. 

QGIS, a complely Open Source GIS does everything a full-featured GIS is expexed to do.  Analysis, map-making, publishing and data conversion are all build-in to QGIS.  

ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro are part of ArcGIS Enterprse from ESRI, and provide powerfull desktop tools.  Many GIS tools and add-ons are available to ArcMap, including GISquirrel which allows ArcMap to edit data without having to puchase ArcGIS Server.


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